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script functions
1) What is the function to open message channel? I've only found functions to select.
2) How can i load scripts from file on the console tab?

I couldn't find on LUA Functions & Variables. Can you help me setup?


1. There's no function to open channel;
2. What kind of scripts you are talking about?

I'm building a command to login on the server, and then load a saved script for runemaker.. this is taking too long everytime i have te close and reopen clients+otbots
that's why i want to know if i can add a command as tab -> file->load->file adress

I'm still not sure what you mean and why you need that.
loadsettings(string scriptName) will load your .xml settings, but if you use it inside a Persistent then it will not work properly. Because it would stop the persistent that it's currently running to load the xml settings.

Why would you need to load a different setting? If you need to open game-client and Bot then load .xml settings directly then you use "Automate startup" that you can read about on release thread:
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(Search for 'Automate startup example", without quotes)

Hmm, i didn't know about this automate way to open client/bot. I'll look into int, thanks Arkilys

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Arkilys, what about the joinparty function.. i've only found one function that invites and also joins party as below:


Because of that, i am having this issue: I got 1 character with a loop on persistent that is going to invite all my characters, and for every other character i got that function mentioned. The problem is that they keep inviting leader to party before getting invited. Any idea how to fix this ?


That's because you are not performing any verification's that you could do using isinvitedparty() to check you invited someone or someone invited you to a party OR getcreatures() to verify party shields to do the same.
getcreatures(string filter) [table]: (p, m, n, f and s) - You can combine all as you like
isinvitedparty(string name) [boolean]: Returns if someone is invited or on your party.
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