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the bot is writing "exura" instead of using the hotkey
the bot is writing exura instead of using the hotkey 
 I put "exura" on F1 hk and "utevo lux" on F2 hk but doesn't work. 
Sometimes the bot bugs when I write or open new chat while cavebot is working, is it normal?


I just tested here and it's working just fine. Mastercores OTBot is using hotkeys to cast spells, otherwise, it's writing.
However, a small bug on RetroCores client (not sure if it was fixed on this last release) is that by default, when you run RetroCores client for the first time, it add few hotkeys to you ("exura", "utevo lux", etc.), but those hotkeys doesn't actually work when you press it. So Bot tries to press those hotkeys and nothing happens.
To fix it, you must go to RetroCores CLIENT hotkeys window and edit one of the hotkeys text then click "OK".

I don't know what you mean about "Bug" when open new chat while caveboting, i would need to know EXACTLY what bugs, etc.
Cavebot is not related to messages.

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